Flakes scattered over a colored base coat and finished with a tough, resistant, clear gloss sealer gives a decorative lightweight floor in thickness 1-2 mm. This floor is ideal for wardrobes, bathrooms, laundries and other service-areas on board.



Colored sand added to a resin and sealed with polyurethane gives a decorative and wear resistant floor in thickness 2-7 mm. This floor has strength for high load traffic and is resistant against cracking from temperature shocks in a galley.



Our compact floors are built up with sand in different color and sizes mixed with a suitable resin. By using a coarse grade of sand it is ideal for driving ramps on a car ferry, or for all kind of work decks.


Shot Blasting

As an alternative to sandblasting we offer shot blasting of deck areas before further application of coating systems. This is done with a special machine that shoots steel particles to the surface at high speed while simultaneously collecting the waste.