Nordkap -Epoxy floor in cargo hold

For the trawler Nordkap staying at Fiskerstrand Verft for maintenance and repair, we have finalized 270 squaremeter with epoxy in the cargo hold for fish.


The ship needed a seamless floor to avoid process water from the fish soaking into the concrete.

The original floor was grinded down to “white concrete” prior to applying an epoxy primer followed by a thicker sand-filled epoxy layer. Finishing with an epoxy top coat results in a robust and hygenic floor ideal to hold the fish cargo for many years to come.

Primer applied

Primer applied

Expansion grouts are cut similar to the underfloor and filled with a flexible polyurethane sealer, and all future cut-outs for manholes are marked with stainless steel bolts.

Prosjektbilde NORDKAP.jpg